Water sports in Marbella with Yacht Charters Rentals

There is nothing better than being by the sea when you’re on a holiday in a country with beautiful clear blue water and great sea temperatures. On the Costa Del Sol, going to the beach and trying out the fun water sports is a “must do”.   Water sports are thrilling, exciting and also a great workout. Here are some of the water sports we love:

Banana boat

Banana boats are one of the most popular water sports in Spain, it is an inflatable boat shaped like a banana and it’s towed by another boat. It has room for four or six people and you will be driven fast around at sea until you get thrown off into the water or you manage to stay on. It’s quite a fun challenge.

Jet ski

Is there anything more fun than jet skiing? I don’t think so. A jet ski is driven in a similar way to a motorcycle, and it also sounds like one. Driving a jet ski is a thrilling and exciting experience that everyone who loves water should try.


If you want a great view of the coast from a different perspective, parasailing is the perfect activity. Take your friend, significant other, a family member or go by yourself. By wearing a parachute you’ll glide through the air whilst being towed by a small motorboat. If you want to feel free like a bird, this is definitely the activity for you.

Paddle surf

Paddle surfing has become very popular in the last couple of years, for all the right reasons. You stand on a paddle board and use an oar to steer the board. With clear blue water and fish in the sea under you, there is nothing more calming than surfing around and just enjoying the sun on your face. 


Kayaking is a great way of working out, but at the same time having lots of fun. You can go in a two-person kayak or a single one. Either way, you get to see the coast and be at sea. However, kayaking can be a little tricky in the beginning, so it will be helpful to have someone show you how to use it properly.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a fantastic activity where you get to experience life underwater. When scuba diving you will be wearing an oxygen tank, so you can breathe normally and enjoy everything there is to see. This is a great way to look at animals closely, but also other things that can be found underwater, such as ship wrecks and shells.  

Excited about your water sports holiday yet? With our package deals, all of these water sports are features you can add to your yacht rentals.