Why rent a yacht in Marbella?

Marbella is a well-known destination for people all over the world and is known for its luxurious atmosphere. By being located on the Costa Del Sol, Marbella has more than 300 days of sun each year. Marbella (Sea and Beauty) is a vibrant city packed with restaurants, resorts, golf courses, night clubs and beaches. Puerto Banus is one of the marinas in Marbella and is known for being a playground for the rich and wealthy with luxurious yachts, cars and designer stores.  Puerto Banus is the perfect location for yacht hire marbella experience.

A Yacht hire Marbella is a great way to experience the Mediterranen Sea at Malaga, Spain. You can plan your best holiday with WaterSports Activities and the best boat Charters at Marbella, with friends for your family, as you will be fully in charge of your own time and space. There will be no closed shops when you want some food and you can cruise wherever you want. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent a yacht in Marbella:

You can charter your dream yacht at Marbella

With a wide variety of yachts, you will be able to hire a yacht in Marbell, the luxury one you desire whether that is a motor yacht or a sail yacht for friends or family. You are also in control over the number of guests, cabin size, crew preferences and extra features. With options for every budget, you will have the holiday of your dreams on the yacht of your dreams.

The Yacht Hire Marbella Experience

With a personal crew on the yacht you can relax, and you won’t have worry about anything. The only thing you must do is enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful ocean.

Go wherever you want

With a professional captain to manage the steering of your yacht, you can decide whether to go and explore new destinations or just stay out at sea.

Throw a unique party with a boat charter Marbella

Throw a party on the yacht. This will definitely be the party of the year, with a personal DJ, violinist or saxophonist. With a beautiful sunset over the ocean, the yacht party will offer a unique experience for you and all your friends.

Have an amazing water sports holiday

With extra features on the hire yacht, you will be able to do a lot of fun water sports. Amongst these you can find jet skiing, kayaking, paddle surfing and scuba diving. There is nothing better than being active in the Mediterranean Sea with the sun on your face and clear blue water under you.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to hire a yacht at Marbella. A holiday that combines beautiful Marbella and a luxurious yacht is a must do if you’re in need for some VIP experiences and relaxation.