The Best Way To Enjoy The Islands!

Have a blissful experience at one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and one of the most amazing paradise islands in Europe. Ibiza, which is also known by the locals as Eivissa, geographically belongs to Spain’s Balearic Islands. Opposite Ibiza is Formentera island, which is the smallest island in Balearic .These two islands have a gap of just 3 nautical miles that separates them from each other and provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying the views of the amazing scenery and the anchored yachts in the summer.

The stylish restaurants and beach bars will also fascinate you. The island boasts great cuisine and cocktails and, famous for its music scene, you can be sure to hear top tracks playing from just about every bar. Infact you can even  listen right from the deck of your Ibiza yacht charter and dance the night away in complete luxury.

Do you plan to visit Ibiza for a couple of days? Get the full Ibiza experience with a fully customisable yacht itinerary, designed to meet your needs. Choose from a range of watersports or select an onboard DJ or live music – or combine the two for an all-round unforgettable experience.